At RPC Realty

We have helped hundreds of businesses by saving time, money, and headaches to find the perfect commercial space (Warehouse, office, or retail.).

We do it all on your terms. We are your partner and advocate in commercial real estate negotiations. Whether you are finding a new space, extending a current lease, or subleasing an existing space.

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To get the right space and lease for your business, you need an expert on your side.

Here are just a few more reasons our clients choose to work with us:

  • Expert & experienced local knowledge
  • No-Cost service (the landlord covers the cost)
  • Insider access to information
  • Information advantage
  • Smart counsel
  • Skilled negotiators

How we help you

We know your company needs the perfect space to grow and thrive. You want to save money while getting the best conditions possible, we are here to help you achieve just that.

Our advisors have access to information about highly desirable spaces for lease that may never be advertised. Our advisors have their finger on the pulse when it comes to anticipated vacancies.

We can help you discover properties you might never see otherwise. We know tenants and landlords, as well as the landscape of commercial real estate. We know exactly how your landlord operates and can help you determine the best route to benefit you and your business. We’re fully aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your lease and can maximize any potential opportunity.


The world of commercial real estate has a language all of its own. Terms like “triple net lease” and “load factors” can be confusing, but it’s essential to understand what these words mean. Our advisors help you make sense of industry terminology and concepts, so you’re empowered throughout the whole leasing process.

We’re seasoned players in the field of commercial real estate, this means we’ll keep your process moving smoothly and efficiently.

Using a tenant rep won’t make your deal more expensive or impact your bottom line. That’s because you pay nothing for our tenant advisory services, the landlord covers the cost. You get expert help in securing commercial real estate at no additional cost. So, the real question is not should you use a tenant advisor, but why wouldn’t you use one?

Skilled Negotiators

Don’t go to the negotiating tables with landlords alone. Partner with us to navigate the commercial real estate market and get the space your business needs with the price and terms you deserve.

Office space in South Florida is some of the most expensive commercial real estate in the country. You need a skilled negotiator working on your behalf to get you the best price and lease terms. We work for you, not the landlord. We’ll tell you what’s fair, what’s overpriced, what’s a steal, and we’ll negotiate on your behalf.

Negotiating a lease that works for you, not just for your landlord, takes time and expert knowledge.


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